Some visual images for you:

Keris and sheath

Minangkabau Wedding Headdress

  • Examples of traditional Minang headdresses for a wedding ceremony.

Another Minangkabau Headdress

A Minangkabau wedding photo

Wedding bracelets

More wedding jewelry

An example of Minangkabau fabric

  • The four bands at the bottom of this fabric represent the four qualities a young woman should have to be of good marriage quality: thrifty, shrewd enough to manage the matrilineal line, serene, and motherly.

Carano Cover

  • Carano – ornamental and footed brass bowls carried by women on their heads during ceremonial processions. Generally filled with items like: betel nuts, siriah leaves.

Women carrying caranos on their heads

A son of a Minangkabau Rajo

  • Note the modern additions of the jeans and bright green flip-flops.

A beautiful clove flower

Indonesian Water Buffalo

Rumah Adat

  • The rumah adat is the traditional large house in Minang culture. Notice the shape of the roof resembles the horns of the water buffalo.

Everyones favorite: Betel nuts!


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